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Mobile Web Clock

  • Eliminates the unavoidable errors associated with manually collected data
  • Provides accurate, reliable data
  • Saves money over conventional time clocks

Mobile WebClock provides an easy and cost effective way of gathering employee time on various jobs and accurate accounting of their worked. If the data you are after can be entered through a keypad, Mobile WebClock can time stamp it, record it, and feed it to your computer.

Resets’ Mobile WebClock can record employee time, track labour distribution, and allow entry of other source data in a multitude of industries.

Mobile WebClock functions as a simple to use data collection point for employee information, that can complement the management information systems you already have in place.  A convenient Supervisor Mode allows supervisors to select from a list of their employees, for performing group transactions.  Mobile WebClock runs on any portable device that utilises 3G phone.  By automating your data collection process, you can eliminate the manpower and mistakes associated with conventional time sheets thereby reducing both payroll costs and errors.

Mobile WebClock guarantees accurate, reliable input.  Employees simply enter information through the keypad or touch screen. Mobile WebClock collects this data and transfers it to your computer, so data is accurate and up-to-the-minute in your office.

Mobile WebClock uses the Time in Attendance Management Software database in Enterprise Version  to program its functionality.

Mobile WebClock gives you the option of entering transactions as an employee or as a supervisor (i.e. clocking in a group of employees).

  • Eliminates the unavoidable errors associated with manually collected data
  • Features easy operation
  • Provides accurate, reliable data
  • Runs on your existing iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows & RIM phones
  • Reduces installation costs
  • Employees can collect time and job data from any remote location
  • Saves money over conventional time clocks
  • Employees can view Benefits & Accruals
  • Links/synchs directly to your Time in Attendance Management software
  • Supervisor mode for group clocking

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